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Horse Jewelry and Equestrian Jewelry    

A unique collection of Sterling Silver Horse Jewelry & Equestrian Jewelry
All you will find here:
Horse and Equestrian themed Necklaces and Pendants.
Snaffle and Horse Bit Jewelry as Rings, Bracelets and more Necklaces.
Equestrian themed jewelry as Horseshoes, Stirrups, Saddles,
Boots, Hunting Horns. And Fox Jewelry in a variety of artistic styles.
Choose from necklaces and pendants, rings, bracelets, earrings,
stock pins, belt buckles, watches, men's gifts.
No matter your riding style: English or Western or favorite horse breed
you will find that special piece of horse jewelry or equestrian jewelry.
Dressage horses performing Piaffe, Extended Trot and Canter Pirouettes.
Arabian horses, Racehorses, Standardbreds,
Western Pleasure and Reining Horses, to name just a few.

I find Turquoise Jewelry to be truly special and have included
Turquoise wrap bracelets, inlay Turquoise Horse Pendants and Earrings.
And even Turquoise horse fetishes. I have a special page dedicated to
hand carved Zuni Horse fetishes by well known Zuni artists.
Each artist has their own unique style and interpreation of the horse.

So whether that special Horse Lover is someone else or you
I'm sure you find the perfect piece of Horse Jewelry and Equestrian Jewelry.
I'm always adding new work from a variety of horse loving jewelry designers.
Please come back soon.

And be sure to tell your horse loving friends.

Gift Certificates
Zuni Horse Fetishes
By top Zuni carvers

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The organization helps animal welfare groups in
Uganda, Namibia, Botswana, Ghana, Southern Sudan,
Jamaica, Honduras, Armenia, and Bosnia.

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