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Zuni Horses Fetishes

Zuni Horse Fetishes

A collection of Zuni horse fetishes by a variety of well known artists. Each artist has their own unique style and interpretation of the horse. That is what intrigues me. I have gathered together a wide variety of horses, so that one may capture your heart.

Hayes Leekya, Russell Shack, Verla Jim Lasiloo, Bryston Bowannie, Rosella Lunasee, Loubert Soseeah, Travis Lasiloo, Gordon Poncho, Carol Martinez, Lorvin Kiyite, Harley Paquin, Abby Quam, Ernie Mackel, Todd Etsate, Terrance Martza, Hubert Pincion, Marlo Booqua, Dave Cooeyate, Andres Quandelacy, David Yazzie, Tony Laiwakete, Elouise Perry, Kenric Laiwakete, Tony Mackel, Stewart Lasiloo, Julie Norton, Cheryl Beyuka, Brandon Phillips, Tyrone Poncho, Bryson Bobelu, Vivella Cheama, Alvin Toledo, Lee Badonie, Harold Yazzie, Davey Cooeyate, Freddie Leekya.

There are Blacks, Greys, Chestnuts, Palominos, Turquoise, and Appaloosas - including Black Appys just like my mare. The Horse is know for its strength, swiftness, inspiration, freedom, and the embodiment of power. The Horse also has healing powers.

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