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Horse and Equestrian Bracelets

Horse and Equestrian Themed Bracelets and Cuffs

A complete selection of Horse Bracelets and Equestrian Themed Bracelets, Bangles and Cuffs in Sterling silver. There are Horse Heads, and Hunter Jumpers, Dressage horses, Snaffle Bits and Horse Bits; Horseshoes and Barefoot Hoofs; Curb Chain bracelets. Fox Cuffs; as well as beautiful Turquoise wrap bracelets with hoof prints across your heart charms.

A gorgeous Bridle Leather buckle bracelet with a wide selection of Sterling silver charms from jumpers to dressage, English boot and stirrup, Western stirrup, horseshoe in heart, Saddlebred horse, Arabian, and many more.

Snaffle bit linked bracelets and horse bit bangles and cuffs. All styles of snaffle bits from French Link, to D ring, Loose ring and Hollow mouth snaffle bracelets in Sterling and with leather. Stirrup bangle bracelet, laced rein cuff bracelet, horseshoe cuff and hoof print cuff.

Braided leather, woven leather bracelets and leather wrap bracelets with a variety of Sterling Silver horses. A fun Western Pleasure Sterling bracelet with cowboy boots, horseshoes and a Western Pleasure horse head charm. As I mentioned there are lots and lots of horses to choose from - Jumpers, Galloping (alone and with others), Dressage Horses, Carriage Pony, Antique Coin styled Horse Head, Fjords.

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