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  1. To go along with Jo's Ol' Blue here is Steve's diagram and photos for building a tippy bridge of your very own. Use to build your horse's confidence on the ground and in the saddle. If you have any questions feel free to post a comment.

    From the shameless commerce division of Jamies Horse Jewelry, I hope once you have printed out these directions you have a little time to wander through my site and select items for your loved ones to purchase for you. Holidays, Birthdays, Just Because You are Wonderful Days.
  2. Linda calls hers "Steady Eddie" in the Game of Contact, we call ours "Ol' Blue" :))) It's amazing!!!! So is my awesome husband, Steve, for building it for me from looking at the GoC DVD. He drew up plans, just looked at Linda's and made it up. Jolene McDowell

    I got involved to help Jo with her generous offer to make these plans available and save her from sending them out one at a time ; -)
  3. I am finally getting around to doing a blog for my Horse and Equestrian Jewelry website, And I got thinking, do you really want to read about how Sterling Silver is the new Gold? That charm bracelets are the rage? That you should collect horse jewelry from designers you love? That this or that piece of jewelry is what you absolutely must purchase for that horse loving equestrienne in your life?

    I think not. I am going to make this blog about horses. After all that is why we buy horse jewelry – we love horses! I will post new jewelry pieces that I think will appeal to you.